S-CAL (CaEDTA-10%Ca)

S-CAL (CaEDTA-10%Ca)

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S Cal is a special compound in which Calcium ions remains bound or clawed (Ligand). This prevents the conversion of Calcium ion into insoluble compounds when it comes in contact with other compounds in soil or in the plant.

Calcium is “quality nutrient” that enhances yield quality and prolong shelf life of the yield. Calcium is immobile in the plant; it has to be throughout growth season to maintain adequate levels in plant tissues and to ensure proper development. The S Calcium is readily absorbed by the plant and improves the efficiency of calcium uptake.


  • S Cal is at least three times more effective as uptake is concerned.
  • Because of its organic structure chelates are readily absorbed by roots and easily assimilated within the plant system.
  • S Cal can be easily combined with N-P-K foliar spraying or any other micro-nutrient without forming any insoluble precipitate.
  • S Cal can easily apply through drip irrigation along with other water soluble fertilizers.
  • S Cal is also compatible with other agrochemicals.

S Cal

Physical appearance : Free flowing crystalline powder
Calcium content (Expressed as Ca), percent by weight minimum in the form of Ca-EDTA : 10.0
Lead percent by weight Max. : 0.003
pH : 6.0-6.5

Crops: Tobacco, Fruit crops, Onions, Hydroponics etc.

Foliar: A small amount, at the right time, goes a long way in boosting yield.

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