S-Bor (Disodium Octa Borate Tetra Hydrate 20%B)

S-Bor (Disodium Octa Borate Tetra Hydrate 20%B)

S Bor is an excellent & unique source of Boronfor plant growth to prevent Boron deficiency and maintenance fertilization. Amongst all the nutrients required by the plant B directly influence on crop yield and quality

Advantages of S-Bor (Di-Sodium Oct Borate Tetra Hydrate)20%B :

  • Highly soluble
  • No impurities
  • Improves New cell formation
  • Improves Pollination
  • Avoids fruit dropping and cracking

Crops: Tobacco, Cotton, Chillies, Cereals, Pulses, Oils seeds, Fruit crops, Onions, Hydroponics etc.

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