RAISE (Potassium Nitrate 13-00-45)

RAISE (Potassium Nitrate 13-00-45)

Srusti Potassium nitrate is a source of potassium and nitrogen, two macronutrients (primary nutrients) essential for plant nutrition and growth. Since healthy growth requires large amounts of nitrogen and potassium, those elements have to be applied to the soil in order to achieve healthy growth.

Advantages of Srusti Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) 13-0-45 :

  • Free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in wateraaaa
  • Compatible with all water-soluble fertilisers and also majority of pesticides in foliar application
  • Useful for excellent fruit setting & fruit development
  • Low n/k ratio therefore suitable for all crops and all growing stages in crop
  • Virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements for plants
  • Crops: Fruit trees, Vegetables, Cash crops, Sugar crops, plantation crops, Hydroponics etc.


Composition Guaranteed (% w/w)
Nitrate Nitrogen (as NO3) 13 % min
Water Soluble Potash (as K2O) 45 % min
Sodium (as Na) (Dry Basis) 1 % max
Total Chlorides (as Cl) (Dry Basis) 1.5 % max
Matter Insoluble in water 0.05 % max
Moisture Content 0.5 % max

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