POPULAR (Potassium Sulphate 00-00-50)

POPULAR (Potassium Sulphate 00-00-50)

Srusti SOP is the most popular chloride free fertilizer containing essential nutrients Potassium and Sulphur in high concentration. It is used to apply chloride sensitive crops for meeting of Potash requirement. It is ideally suited for Fertigation and Foliar application.
Fertigation with SOP improves the uptake of potassium and Sulphate by the plant roots. It can be mixed with phosphates, Magnesium and Calcium fertilizers to prepare nutrient solutions with no risk of clogging of the irrigation system.

Foliar feeding with WSSOP results in higher and better quality of yields. It is free of harmful elements Free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which is fully soluble in water

Advantages of Srusti Water Soluble Sulphate of Potash – K2SO4 – 00-00-50 (WSSOP) :

  • It can be applied along with all water-soluble fertilizers except calcium fertilizers.
  • Can be applied in combination with n, np and pk fertilizers according to crop needs.
  • Contains Sulphur which helps to improve shelf life of fruits besides sugar content.
  • Useful for fruit quality, bumper fruit weight, fruit color, shining etc.
  • Crops: Tobacco, Fruit crops, Onions, Hydroponics etc


Composition Guaranteed (% w/w)
Potash Content (as K2O) 50 % min
Sulphur (as S) 17. 5 % min
Total Chlorides (as Cl) 2.5 % max
Sodium (as NaCl ) 2.0 % max
Moisture Content 1. 5% max

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