NPK ZnB 12-00-42:0.7:0.3+TE

NPK ZnB 12-00-42:0.7:0.3+TE

NPKZNB 12-0-42-0.7-0.3 enriched with0.7% Zn as in EDTA and 0.3% B as in Complex form and nutrients in small quantities such as Ca, Fe, Mn, Cu as in EDTA form and Mo in complex form. It contains low N and High with Zinc and Boron which are more essential for plant at reproductive stage for better flower, Fruit set and Fruit development.

Advantages of Srusti NPKZnB 12-0-42-0.7-0.3

  • Free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water.
  • Compatible with all water-soluble fertilizers and also majority of pesticides in foliar application
  • Useful for excellent fruit setting & fruit development
  • Low n/k ratio along with Zinc and Boron therefore suitable for all crops at reproductive stage
  • Virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements for plants


Composition Guaranteed (% w/w)
Nitrate Nitrogen (as NO3) 12 % min
Water Soluble Potash (as K2O) 42 % min
Zinc (as Zn) 0.7 % min
Boron (as B) 0.3 % min
Calcium 0.10%
Ferrous 0.02%
Manganese 0.01%
Cupper 0.01%


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