NPK 19-11-11+3MgO+ TE

NPK 19-11-11+3MgO+ TE

Crystalline, fully water soluble NPK fertilizers are specially developed for Fertigation and Foliar application enriched with magnesium & micro nutrients which are essential to the plant.

Advantages of Srusti NPK 19-11-11+3MgO+TE :

  • Quick and fast growth
  • Avoid Mg and Micro-nutrient deficiencies
  • Suitable for early stage for steady growth
  • Improves Photosynthesis
  • Avoid fruit drop


Composition Guaranteed (% w/w)
Total Nitrogen (N) 19 % min
Water Soluble Phosphate (as P2O5) 11% min
Water Soluble Potash (as K2O) 11% min
Sulphur (as S) 8.5% min
Magnesium (as Mg) 3% min
Zinc (as EDTA Zn) 0.05%
Ferrous (as EDTA Fe) 0.03%
Manganese (as EDTA Mn) 0.03%
Cupper (Cu) 0.02%
Boron (as B) 0.01%
Molybdenum(Mo) 0.0035%


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