MICROCARE (Soil application)

MICROCARE (Soil application)

Microcare consists of essential micronutrients and formulations are approved by respective State Government Department of Agriculture. All these micro nutrients play a vital role in plant metabolic functions.

Nutrients role in Plant Metabolism:

Zinc: Plays a major role in regulating synthesis of various enzymes. It is very essential for metabolic activities and protein synthesis.

Iron: It is a metallic activator and takes part in several reactions within plan system and is involved in chlorophyll formation.

Manganese: It plays very special role in photosynthesis process.

Copper: Plays a major role in regulating synthesis of various enzymes.

Boron: It is essential for pollination, Germination and growth. It initiates the development of growing tips, Cell division and fruit development.

Soil application: Direct or Fertigation:Microcare can be applied directly to the soil or through Drip irrigation

Dosage of Microcare: Generally for field crops 10kg per acer and for horticulture crops depends on type and age of the crop.

Note: These recommendations are only general in nature. Effective dosage can vary based on crop conditions.

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