Advantages of Detox-S

  • Pure Organic Liquid
  • Detox-S successfully penetrate cell wall and membrane of target
  • Pure Organic
  • Detox-S denature DNA of target
  • Detox-S change osmotic pressure of target fungi results in cell bursting
  • Provide essential micronutrients after eradication of target fungi to significant improvement of plant.

Target Fungi: Downey mildew, Fusarium, Blights, rust, Powdery mildew, Rhizoctonia, Rot, Phytopthora etc.

Target Crops: Fruit crops, brinjal, Vegetable, crops, Flowers, watermelons, oilseed crops, leguminous Plants, Paddy, Wheat, Onion, Cotton, Berries, Sugarcane, Cucurbits etc.

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