Calcium Nitrate with Boron is an excellent & unique source for calcium and Boron nutrients to prevent deficiency and maintenance fertilization program. Amongst all the nutrients required by the plant B and Ca directly influence on crop yield and quality.

Advantages of Srusti Calcium Nitrate with Boron :

  • Dense granular fertiliser which dissolves quickly and completely in water
  • Improved quality and firmness through improved cell strength and structure
  • Improves cell wall leading to better quality, shelf life of marketable produce
  • Helps plants for tolerance to diseases and insect infection due to cell strength.
  • It prevents cracking, rotting of fruit and vegetables
  • Contains Nitrogen in Nitrate form, a preferred source for most of fruits and field crops
  • Being highly soluble provides rapidly available Calcium and Boron along with Nitrogen
  • Virtually free from chloride, sodium and other harmful elements for plants


Srusti MAP is not only an efficient source of phosphorous but also facilitates plant uptake of the phosphorous naturally present in the soil. This is due to the ammonium (NH4+) in MAP, which lowers the pH in the root zone and thus enhances phosphorous availability

Crops: Tomatoes, Onions, Fruit crops, Potato’s, Cole crops etc.

Composition Guaranteed (% w/w)
Total Nitrogen (as N) 14.6% min
Nitrate Nitrogen (as NO3) 13.5 % max
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (as NH4) 1.1 % max
Water Soluble Calcium (as CaO) 17.1 % min
Boron (as B) 0.25-0.30% min
Water Insolubles 1.5 % max

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