Mode of Application - Foliar

Foliar Fertilizers

100% Water Soluble complex Grades and NPK specialty Grades are fully customized as per user needs and we ensure the raw materials we use are very low in chlorides/ sodium content in all our grades. We also ensure the heavy metal contents like Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, Mercury & Cadmium are less than 1PPM.

These are Crystalline, fully water soluble and specially developed for Foliar application which are enriched with magnesium and various micronutrients. The wide range of products provides complete plant nutrition scheme throughout the crop cycle.
  • 100% water soluble, easy to use.
  • Contains no sodium, chlorine or heavy metals.
  • Can be applied in any growth stage without any toxicity problem due to low salt content and balanced pH levels.
  • Specially formulated for the different growth and development stages of the plant to provide the crop demand.
  • All formulations contain nutrients which are essential for plant growth.
  • Ensures balanced plant growth.
  • Fast and effective solution for the nutrient deficiency symptoms in the plant.
  • Foliar fertilization during peaks of nutrient demand

Foliar fertilization during peaks of nutrient demand

In the majority of crops nutrient demand is at its peak during the maximum growth phase of vegetative development in annuals and during fruit and nut development in tree crops. During these phases as much as 40% of total annual nutrient accumulation can be acquired over a 10 day period.

In many perennial high value crops foliar fertilization should be applied during the period of highest nutrient demand under the premise that soil supply and root uptake may be inadequate to meet demands even with adequate soil applied fertilizers.

Why the plants need Foliar Nutrition

  • When the plant requires a nutrient, which is fixed by the soil minerals or leached
  • To prevent and cure deficiencies
  • When root activity is disturbed by adverse factors such as low soil temperature
  • When the roots are unable to provide the plant with adequate nutrients at certain critical stages of growth
  • Applying nutrients + insecticides / fungicides by a single application. (Compatibility has to be verified)

Advantages of Foliar Nutrition

  • Immediate correction of deficiencies
  • Helps to recover the plant under abnormal conditions
  • Avoids, the hidden hunger at critical stages of crop growth
  • Improves the uptake of soil available nutrients
  • Uptake commences within hours after application and can continue for several days thereafter
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