Mode of Application - Fertigation

Efficient fertilizers and fertilization methods have become the only answer to the ever-growing demand for farm produce. Modern agriculture must supply optimum dose of nutrients to the crop throughout the cycle in the most efficient manner possible, and without degrading soil and water resources. Fertigation and foliar application of fertilizers enables highly efficient use of nutrients.


Nutrients applied through the drip or spray system in precise combination and proper timing is called Fertigation. Fertilizers are dissolved in water and injected through the micro-irrigation system. Concentrations can be varied as per the requirement of the crop at each stage of its growth.

Broadcast fertilization leaves a considerable fraction of the fertilizer on the soil surface. Because of this, the plant is not able to use all of nutrients because they are not in the plant root zone, making them inaccessible. Therefore, fertigation has shown to be a much better practice to fertilize crops.

Why Use Fertigation?

Fertigation is a great farm practice that will ensure plants optimal crop nutrition and boost the crop yield, while minimizing environmental pollution.

Benefits of Fertigation

  • Rational and frequent nutrient supply according to the crop’s needs
  • Efficient plant nutrient use
  • Nutrient application at the active plant root zone
  • Ability for plants to use nutrients immediately after application
  • Easy control of timing, amount, and ratio of applied nutrients
  • The ability to apply nutrients at any moment; especially when field conditions are not favorable for standard fertilization practices.
  • Increase in yield by 25-30%
  • Saving in fertilizer by 25-30%

Fertilizer selection

In fertigation, either water-soluble or liquid fertilizers can be used. When choosing a proper fertilizer, crop growth stages should be considered, as well as irrigation system type and water quality.

Fertilizer solubility

Mixing of two or more fertilizers significantly reduces their solubility. Solubility can be increased with temperature. Fertilizers should be dissolved separately and then added into the water tank.
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