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About Green Grow Nutrients Pvt Ltd

Green Grow Nutrients Pvt Ltd is established in the year 2013, with the brand name of “SRUSTI” by well competent and proficient members from the Agriculture and Horticulture background.

The main motto of the company is to guide the Farmers in nutrition management by giving proper crop and nutrition schedules. Our vision is to become the best quality nutrients & solutions provider to the farming community.

The Farmers have been realizing the low marginal profit or negative returns with conventional farming. With an introduction of micro irrigation and fertigation in India, yield levels of many horticultural and field crops have been increased many folds and the farm income substantially improved. Drip irrigation has saved 40 to 70% irrigation water along with 50 to 100% yield increase from many crops, thus increased water use efficiency and irrigation efficiency up to 90%. Hence micro irrigation and fertigation technique has been popularized among farmers. Water soluble fertilizers are meant for injection via micro irrigation system because of their higher solubility in water and higher uptake by plants. Fertigation with water soluble fertilizers reduced the fertilizer dose (25 to 30%), increased the fertilizers use efficiency and quality of farm produces. Most of the specialty water-soluble fertilizers are imported and became costly compared to conventional fertilizers. Hence optimum dose of fertilizers with proper fertigation scheduling have to be advocated farmers to save money towards fertilizers cost.


Mr. Nagaraja S.C

Managing Director

Farming back ground, completed B Sc, Agriculture in the year 1994, worked In  different fertilisers companies till 2012 from grass root level to Senior management, had  25 years rich experience in Agriculture field, particularly in plant nutrition marketing and Farmer services and  3 years retail marketing  experience, interacted Many number of Fertilisers trades and Farmers.

Mr K. Subbarama Raju


A Dynamic Agronomist with more than two decades of experience in dealing with modern agriculture techniques, demonstrated expertise to offer farm solutions across India to augment farm outputs by leveraging sound technical knowledge to bestow the best management practices on a wide range of crops to drive profitable agri-ventures. Technical expertise prompted to lead the technical team to increase farmer’s reach and educate them about the use of the wide range of water-soluble fertilizers and customized crops specific products by designing the Fertigation and Foliar schedules in accordance with macro and microclimatic environments and ecosystems across the country.

Exposure on various facets of specialty nutrients marketing became a fulcrum to take off Subject Matter Expert abilities to deliver lectures and keynote addresses at various National (Fertiliser Association of India (FAI), and International (New Ag International conferences) symposia and seminars. An encapsulated overseas exposure (China, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Malawi) made to walk an extra mile to deliver desired results for business augmentation, advanced techniques for the end-user beneficiary ie farming fraternity at large.

Narayan C


I have completed B,Sc, Agriculture in UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru during the year 1994. In poultry trading business, Since 25 years, one of the prominent player, with the turnover of 15 cr. per annum and have 120 retail customers network  in Bengaluru and one of the leading suppliers in North Bengaluru.


Bacche Gowda TR


I have completed my undergrasuation in University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore and did  MBA program in Agri. Business Management during the year 2013-14 and started my carrier in Coromandel international on product promotion and got opportunity to work with grass root level farmers about 2 years and later started own pomegranate cultivation along with pomegranate consultancy services. Had excellent technical knowledge in crop management and have good contact with Farmers and fertilizer dealers.

Jaganatha KR


I have completed M,sc Agriculture in UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru during the year 1996

In poultry trading business, Since 25 years, one of the prominent player, with the turnover of 15 cr. per annum and have 120 retail customers network  in Bengaluru and one of the leading suppliers in North Bengaluru.

prominent name in plant nutrients segment


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